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Product and Service List


Our complete line of products and services will help you save money and time at home or work. 

Water Softening and Conditioning

Eco-friendly water prevents pipe buildup and other damage to your water-using appliances. A water softening system will help you extend the life of things like washing machines, hot water heaters and dishwashers. 


Our system will allow you to use less soap and shampoo with regular treatments, giving you cleaner skin and healthier hair.


We keep a large stock of salt for your water softening needs. Stop in anytime to pick up a few bags and let our technicians load your vehicles. 


Our 2016 annual Salt Sale is scheduled for Friday April 15th from 5-7pm and Saturday, April 16th starting at 8am. Get there early for some of the cheapest salt prices around. 

Residential & Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Benefits of reverse osmosis include:


  • Safe, fresh drinking water

  • A reduction in harmful contaminants

  • Money saved on bottled water costs


We have a variety of osmosis products to fit your specific needs.

Bottled Water

Our bottled water is hard to beat! We deliver new bottles and pick up the empties for your home or commercial water systems. 


Commercial Water Systems

Perfect for home or business, our commercial water system can provide a healthier drinking option for your employees, customers, and family. 

Chemical Injection System

Growing in demand, our Chemical Injection Systems remove iron and bacteria in your water. This is an affordable solution to your water problems. 

Dispensed Water

Bring in your empty bottles and fill them up at our Concordia location. Our technicians can help you load your vehicle with your filled bottles.

24/7 Dispensed Water

Don't have time to get to EcoWater during regular business hours? No problem. Visit our Concordia location at 123 W. 5th St. and utilize our outdoor dispensing system. 

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